Free features

This page displays all the features and services that ippi provide with each free SIP account.

SIP account and SIP address

ippi offers its services based on the open SIP protocol. Each member benefits with his ippi account, a SIP address reachable from any open SIP network, and can call to any SIP address.

Skype calls

ippi allows free calls to Skype users, but also allow to receive calls from Skype.

Google Talk calls

ippi allows free calls to Google Talk users (Google Voice), but also allow to receive calls from Google Talk.

Address book and speed dial

You can enter your contact information in your customer area myIppi and assign a short number (01 to 99) to call in just two digits.

Customer area myIppi

ippi offers web space to set up your ippi account, see the details of your incoming and outgoing calls, manage your messages, recharge your prepaid account, print your invoices, change your offer...

Caller ID

Caller ID show you the number that is calling you to identify the caller.

Caller ID blocking

When you call a contact, your number is normally displayed on your correspondent's screen. So you have the option to call in anonymously by hiding your personal ippi number.

Call waiting

With ippi, you may receive as many calls as you want on your device if it supports it and move from one call to another with ease.

Call forward

You can choose to divert all your calls to one or more numbers and decide the length of the ring time on each forward numbers, if you are not logged in or you do not answer your ippi phone to never lose a call.

SMS Call Back

ippi lets you make calls in mobility with the SMS call back intelligent service, initiating a call by sending a simple SMS.

Travel calling service

When traveling, you can use ippi without being connected to the Internet by calling one of the access numbers of ippi Travel in around twenty countries.

SIP presence

Presence SIP allows you to see which of your contacts is connected. So you can see who is online, offline and even chat via text messages with your contacts in the same way as with instant messaging, but this time through the SIP/SIMPLE. This may, for example, avoid wasting your time to call a person off-line, which could not respond and at the same time to fall on his voicemail.

Free calls between members

All ippi members can call them free of charge and unlimited.


ippi offers a free voicemail. You can't lose any message. You can check your messages from your ippi line calling *1234, from a landline or cellular by calling 0820 56 70 99*, from your customer area myIppi where messages are stored or from your mailbox as a habitual copy of each message can be sent. (*0,12 € TTC/min - Possibility of supplement from a mobile phone by the provider)

(*0,12 € VAT inlc./min - Possible supplement from a mobile phone)

iNum calls

ippi allows free calls to iNum users, but also allow to receive calls on the iNum number provided by ippi.

Sending SMS

ippi lets you send text messages almost anywhere on the planet. It's free (France only) or for the price of €10 cent.

Conference room

ippi allows you to create free conference room to allow more of your contacts or business partners to meet and to discuss together.

Restriction of incoming and outgoing calls

ippi offers an advanced configuration of the call restriction by allowing you to decide who is right or not to call you. Similarly, you can decide which destinations can be called or not from your ippi line.


ippi offers a service of Click-to-Call which allows to initiate a call via the Internet: you enter the phone number (landline or mobile) at your disposal, then the corresponding number that you want to call. ippi Click-to-Call call you first and then connects you with your correspondent. Ideal if your internet connection is slow, unstable, that your internet is charged on the traffic (in a hotel for example), if you can not stay near a computer, or if you do not have a microphone or if you want to connect people with billing on your account...

Web Call Back

ippi provides free access to a Web Call Back button to allow the visitors of your web site or blog to contact you easily and do so without giving your phone ippi number.

Credit alert

You can define in your member area the amount below which an alert will automatically be sent by email to notify you that your credit is almost exhausted. Thus, no risk of breaking in the middle of a conversation.

Real time registering SIP agent

You can see at any time and in real time in your member area myIppi, the IP and agents (software, phones, IPBX..) from which you are currently connected to your ippi SIP account. You can on this page manually delete a connection.

With ippi you can call :
  1. 1From a computer (with ippi Messenger)
  2. 2From a regular phone (with ippi box)
  3. 3From a cellular, whatever your operator is
  4. 4From a cellular WiFi/SIP
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