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Discover ippi VoIP app specially developed for Android.


ippi Softphone for Android

ippi Android is an app that installs on your Android smartphone to benefit the ippi services. The app uses Wi-Fi & 3G* (VoIP over 3G) to make calls turning your Android smartphone in a Voice over IP mobile of last generation. ippi Android can also receive SMS sent to your iNum number offered by ippi and talk with other members via ippi chat tab.

Many features

  • SIP protocol support
  • Speaker support
  • DTMF tone support
  • Codec G711, ILBC & GSM supported
  • STUN support for NAT Traversing integrated
  • Bluetooth support
  • Multiple SIP accounts
  • Real-time balance display
  • Seamless integration with the phone part of the Android OS
  • Direct dial from the address book of Android
  • Integration of SIP SIMPLE MESSAGE
  • function to put the call on hold or mute
  • Many network parameters for incoming/outgoing calls

Free and downloadable in one click

You can download ippi for Android by scanning the QR code above, or search directly on the Android Market "ippi", or by clicking this link directly from your Android phone browser, or by going on the web version of the Android Market at this address.

For any further questions, check our FAQ or contact us.

* see if your provider authorize VoIP over 3G

QR Code

With ippi you can call :
  1. 1From a computer (with ippi Messenger)
  2. 2From a regular phone (with ippi box)
  3. 3From a cellular, whatever your operator is
  4. 4From a cellular WiFi/SIP
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