If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you already know since mid-september that ippi can make and receive calls to and from Google users (Google Talk/Gtalk, Google Voice, Gmail..) for free!


• To call from ippi to Google, call « google_username@gtalk.ippi.com » and start the call.

• To call from Google to ippi, add the contact « gtalk2ippi@ippi.com » in « Search, add, invite » the column of « Chat and Text » and click « Invite to chat ». Once it appear in the contact list, click on it, click on the « Phone icon », then « Call from PC to PC ». You will receive instantly a chat message that prompts you to enter the ippi username or the virtual number/iNum to call, then start the call by pressing « Enter ».

For more information, our support is at your disposal.