ippi Messenger Tomorrow's telephone today!


The ippi Messenger software allows you to call with your ippi account, but also to chat with your contacts and friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and Gtalk. Our software is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.

ippi Messenger lets you manage multiple ippi SIP account or other SIP software to receive as many calls simultaneously as you want.

ippi Messenger encrypts calls end to end if the option is enabled. That is, if both parties use the ippi Messenger, the conversation will be completely secure and will not be intercepted.

ippi Messenger is currently in alpha, that is to say in development. The software will be upgraded over the next months and offer a unique softphone together unified messaging, telephony, RSS feeds and many other things. Feel free to try it now!

You have an iPhone or iPod Touch 2? Also download the free ippi application available from the Apple Store & iTunes by clicking here.

Download :

32 bits : Windows     Mac     Linux

64 bits : Windows     Mac     Linux

32 bits :
Windows     Mac     Linux    

64 bits :
Windows     Mac     Linux

Installation instructions
  1. 1Download the software ippi Messenger

  2. 2Once downloaded to your hard disk, double-click the program

  3. 3Follow the instructions on the screen

  4. 4Once installation is complete, log in to your myippi account and follow the instructions in the menu "SIP parameters" to configure the software
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