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  • SIP Account

    A SIP account allows you to place your calls over the Internet. SIP is an open source telephony protocol. You receive a SIP address to receive calls from other users.

  • Virtual Number

    Get a virtual number in one of the 50 countries offered. This allows you to receive local calls even if you are on the other side of the world. Each package includes a virtual number (see list).

  • Voicemail

    Enjoy a free voicemail to not lose any message. You can customize your welcome message, or upload an MP3 file.

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Download for free ippi messenger on your iPhone or Android, and discover our brand new app.

  • SMS Sending

    Send free SMS (see country list) or at a single price to all your contacts living on 5 continents. Fast, easy, and especially playful with our smartphone simulator.

  • Adress Book

    Fill in the numbers of your contacts on your dashboard, and assign a short two-digit number to make quick calls.

  • iNum Number & Calls

    Get a free iNum number in order to receive calls at local cost anywhere in the world. Also call unlimited and free of charge other iNum users.

  • Skype Calls

    Call and receive calls to and from Skype users through this innovative but experimental service.

  • Google Hangouts Calls

    Call and receive calls to and from Google Hangouts users through this experimental service.

  • Conference Room

    Create a free private conference room, and easily invite contacts, customers or business partners to join you.

  • Click to Call

    The click to call service allows you to place a call on your website from a single click.

  • Web Call Back

    Increase your ROI by allowing visitors to your website to contact you easily at your expense.

All Inclusive Packages

  • Unlimited Free
    0,00 per month

    VoIP destinations only See the list
    • SIP Account

      usable from app & softphone
    • Unlimited calls

      to ippi, SIP & iNum networks
    • iNum number

      receive international calls at local cost
  • Unlimited Prime
    9,99 per month

    80 landlines destinations See the list
    • SIP Trunk

      usable from app, softphone, IP phone & IPBX
    • Unlimited Calls

      to landlines, SIP, iNum, Google & Skype
    • Virtual Number

      to choose from 30 countries, with 1st channel included
  • Unlimited Elite
    29,99 per month 39.99 € Promo

    80 landlines & mobiles destinations See the list
    • SIP Trunk

      usable from app, softphone, IP phone & IPBX
    • Unlimited Calls

      to mobiles, landlines, SIP, iNum, Google & Skype
    • Virtual Number

      to choose from 30 countries, with 1st channel included
    • Priority Support

      we answer all your questions in priority

Amazing rates

Rates per destination (excl.VAT)

Where do you want to call?

    • Landline

      0,0159 €/min
    • Mobile

      0,1254 €/min
    • SMS

      0,08 €

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    Apps, Software & Hardware


    • ippi celebrates its 10th anniversary and launches its new website

      ippi celebrates this June 28, 2017 its 10 years!

      For the occasion, we invite you to discover the v3 of our website.

      This change is not only visual. It is an in-depth change: graphic, technical, and commercial with new and unlimited offers.

      A brand new iOS app for iPhone is also available since today.

      Do not hesitate to send us your comments.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi wishes you an excellent year 2017

      We wish you an excellent year 2017.

      With the year 2017, ippi enters its 10th year. Throughout the past year, our teams and technical partners have worked on the upcoming new website, the new ippi app for iOS, and many technical improvements to launch new offers.

      We thank you for your confidence.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi now ports numbers from 12 countries

      The portability of number is expected by many companies and individual customers, who are in different countries, and wishing to switch their entire telecom to ippi.

      This is now possible with the portability from 12 countries:

      Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Spain, United States (USA), Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom (UK), Slovenia.

      The fixed cost of portability is 50 euros. Then, the montlhy cost of the ported number is 9.99 euros.

      You can submit your portability request of your number now, by contacting us and giving the number and the current operator. We will get back to you with the document to complete.

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