04/2018 – V2.2

Before reading the sections below, please read the preliminary clauses:

IPPI is a service of Worldline Communication, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 75.000 euros, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies under number 414 673 061, whose head office is located at 98, rue La Boétie 75008 Paris.

Presentation of the service: As part of its activity of Telecommunications Services Provider, Worldline Communication offers its customers services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) of telephony from a broadband internet connection. The Services allow, on the one hand, to receive calls from a fixed, mobile or IP telephone and, on the other hand, to make local, national and international calls to a landline, mobile or IP phone.

Initial and Minimal Configuration: Prior to the installation of the app, software, IPPI Box or IPPI Phone, the customer agrees to check the compatibility of these with its application software and its computer installation and network. The customer acknowledges being solely responsible for the installation, use and maintenance of his equipment. In order to use the Services, the Customer must have high speed internet access over 512 kbps downhill (download) and 128 kbps up (upload). For the app, a smartphone type iOS or Android is required. For the software, a microphone and a speaker are required. For the IPPI BOX, a telephone type analog voice frequency (VF) is mandatory, whether wired or wireless.

Call restrictions: It is expressly stipulated that the Services are provided on the basis of the public Internet network and according to the IP protocol and, as such, they do not offer the same guarantees and functionalities as the conventional telephone service provided over a switched telephone network line (PSTN). In particular, the Services do not support or route calls to emergency numbers, satellite or certain types of special numbers.

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Use and Sale: In order to benefit from the Services, all customers must, before subscribing and using the Services, accept these general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). “General Conditions of Use and Sale of IPPI Services”) imposing on him a legal obligation by clicking or ticking on the box “I declare to have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale of IPPI Services of the company Worldline Communication, as well as descriptions, prices and offers”. Worldline Communication reserves the right to modify at any time all or part of these Terms and Conditions.


In this contract, the terms and expressions defined below have the following meanings:
a. Subscription: Subscription type allowing the Customer to benefit from the Services.
b. Customer: Legal or physical person aged 18 or over, residential or businesses, who subscribes to the Services, who is therefore subject to these Terms and Conditions.
c. Confidential Codes: Personal codes (credentials) in the form of an username and a password, allowing the Customer to access the IPPI network and its Dashboard.
d. Dashboard: Web page containing all the personal information of the Customer, available on the Site and accessible after the Client has entered his credentials.
e. Agreement: Agreement between IPPI and the Customer who has accepted these Terms and Conditions, after IPPI validation of the Customer’s subscription request.
f. Prepaid Communications Credit: Top up of an amount selected by the Customer in the Dashboard, which allows him to benefit the Services up to the amount credited.
g. Equipment (s): Network connection hardware (modems, routers, switches, etc.) and the Client’s personal computer on which the Software is installed with any connected peripherals, for which the Client first verifies the compatibility with the Equipment.
h. Hardware Equipment: All hardware purchased by the Customer from IPPI to provide the interface between the Customer’s original telephone equipment and the Equipment. The hardware devices are usable exclusively unless indicated on the IPPI network. List of Equipment Available on January 1st, 2018: IPPI BOX, IPPI PHONE, IPPI APP
i. Software: Software & App available on computer and smartphone provided free of charge by IPPI to the Customer, in order to allow the latter to benefit from the Services. Also referred to as “IPPI Messenger”.
j. Contracted month: Period from 28 to 31 days depending on each month, starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month.
k. Part (s): Individually the Customer or IPPI and collectively the Customer and IPPI.
l. Services: All Services offered by IPPI to the Customer.
m. Website: IPPI website accessible at the following URL: http://www.ippi.com


2.1 License
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, IPPI hereby grants Customer a personal, non-commercial, non-proprietary license, which is not assignable, royalty-free, for download, installation and use of the Software on its Equipment, with the sole purpose of using the Services.

2.2 No rights granted to third parties. The Customer is prohibited from selling, assigning, renting, distributing, exporting, importing, acting as an intermediary or provider, or granting rights to anyone of any or all parts of the Software.

2.3 Modifications prohibited
The Customer is prohibited from undertaking, causing, permitting or authorizing the modification, creation of derivative works, translation, decompilation, disassembly or piracy of any or all parts of the Software.

2.4 New Build of the Software
IPPI, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to add additional features, or to provide patches as well as updates to the Software. Customer acknowledges and agrees that IPPI is not obligated to make available to the Customer successive versions of the Software. The Customer also agrees that if he wishes to download, install or use a new version of the IPPI software, he will have to accept a possible new version of this contract. In addition, it acknowledges and agrees that IPPI, in its sole discretion, may modify, suspend its ability to use, the version of the Software, or terminate the licenses granted hereunder at any time, with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts. IPPI may also suspend or terminate a license granted hereunder and disable the Software that the Customer has already had access to or has already installed without notice and at any time with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts. IPPI disclaims any and all liability for direct or indirect damages caused by the publication and/or non-publication of new versions of the Software, and by the suspension or termination of this Agreement by IPPI and/or the Customer.

2.5 Legal information
The Customer will periodically consult the IPPI website to stay informed of any changes to the legal documents applicable to the Services.


The images, texts, softwares and other components of the Site and the Equipment are protected by the French copyright law and by provisions of the international copyright treaties. Any commercial use of texts, programs, images, and other components without the prior written consent of IPPI is strictly prohibited.


The Agreement between IPPI and the Customer is concluded for an indefinite period. All our offers are without engagement unless stated otherwise.

4.1 Termination of Services with Subscription
Each Party is free to terminate the Subscription Services via the Dashboard by clicking on the “Termination” link and following the instructions. A confirmation with the cancellation date will be displayed. Termination will be effective from the end of the current Contract Month if the notification reaches IPPI more than fifteen (15) days before the end of that Contracted Month. Otherwise, the termination will be effective from the end of the next Contractual Month. No e-mail, simple mail or tracking letter will be accepted for termination.

After termination of the Services by Subscription, the Customer will keep his Confidential Codes and may continue to use the Prepaid Service without Subscription.

4.2 Termination of the Contract
Each Party is free to terminate the Agreement once the termination of the Services by Subscription is made via the Dashboard by clicking on the “Termination” link and following the instructions. A confirmation will be displayed. From the date of termination of the Agreement, the Customer will lose the use of his credentials, his IPPI virtual number if he has one and his remaining credit if any, and will no longer be able to access his Dashboard.

4.3 Termination for Fault
In the event of a breach of these General Conditions and in particular in case of misuse of the Services by the Customer, failure to pay or an abnormal increase in the amount of the communications by the Customer, IPPI reserves the right to terminate the Contract and to to cut the Services at any time unilaterally and without compensation, without having to inform the Customer beforehand.

Any termination of these presents entails the immediate payment of the sums due by the Customer and the payment of any other obligation provided for herein.

The Client who has terminated may not claim any compensation from IPPI.


5.1 Terms of Service Registration
Customer may register online for Services by subscribing and/or purchasing a Prepaid Communications Credit.

IPPI notifies the Client of the validation of his subscription by email. The activation of subscribed services occurs after confirmation by the Customer of his email address.

The Customer may at any time modify the Services to which he has subscribed on his Dashboard. The change may be instantaneous or effective from the end of the current month if the change has been made by the Customer at least 15 (fifteen) days before the end of the month. If not, the change will be taken into account at the end of the following month.

5.2 Identification
Customer identification is mandatory prior to first use of the Services. The Customer must proceed to the creation of his Dashboard using the form to be completed on the registration page. The Customer agrees to complete all mandatory fields of the form and to provide IPPI with valid, complete and updated information at the time of registration. Otherwise, IPPI reserves the right to terminate any registration without prior notice to the Client.

The Customer undertakes to inform IPPI of any change affecting the accuracy of its information.

In any case, the Services are accessible only after validation by IPPI of the email address of the customer and/or its banking information.

5.3 Confidential Codes
For the creation of his Personal Space, the Customer chooses his Confidential Codes in the form of a username, a password to connection to the Site and a SIP password to use the Services.

The Confidential Codes are strictly confidential and for personal use. As a result, the Customer undertakes not to communicate them to anyone in any way whatsoever. The Customer is solely responsible for their custody and use and must answer for the acts and actions of any person using his Dashboard even without his knowledge.

The Customer is responsible for the use of his Dashboard and any connection or transmission of data made from it will be deemed to have been made by the Customer and under its sole responsibility.

IPPI reserves the right to ask the Customer to modify or change all or part of its Confidential Codes.

In the event of loss or theft or misappropriation of the Confidential Codes by a third party, the Customer agrees to notify IPPI without delay by email, and receive a confirmation of receipt by IPPI with tracking number.

5.4 Retraction
The Customer is informed that he has a right of withdrawal, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code. This right may be exercised within seven (7) days from the date of its registration with the Services by the Customer, in the case where the Services have not been used. The withdrawal request must be sent to IPPI by email and receive a confirmation of receipt by IPPI with tracking number.

It is reminded, in accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, that the Customer to use the Service (s) subscribed before the expiration of the period of seven (7) days is likely to cause the latter to lose the right to exercise his right of withdrawal.

In case of withdrawal, the refund of the sums from which the Customer will have been taken will be carried out according to the fact that the Services have not been used by the Customer.

5.5 Limitation of Services
In any case, whatever the Services subscribed by the Customer, the latter is expressly informed of the following Services limitations:
– The Service does not allow calls to be sent to emergency numbers or special numbers, satellite numbers, as well as those listed on the Site;
– Phone calls to a landline or mobile number will automatically be disconnected for safety reason after one (1) hour;
– A security limit may be applied to the Customer’s Account to prevent unpaid bills, fraud, piracy, or against any improper use. This security limit increases automatically over time. In some cases, the latter can be increased with the payment of a deposit.
– Due to the state of the art, ippi can not guarantee the use of fax reception on its network.
– Services will be interrupted in the event of a break in the Customer’s broadband connection;
– The Services are strictly for personal, family or professional use, in order to make direct calls between individuals and for direct non-profit use. Therefore, the use of the Services for purposes other than private or business purposes (eg sharing of telephone access with non-resident user or non-employee, the resale or assignment of some or all of the Services including the minutes of communications), or unreasonably (obviously excessive usage rate for a Customer, use of for-profit, or many short-duration calls) and the use of IPPI Services to make calls to other telephone services or as a gateway to re-routing of calls, and calls made from radio boxes or automated call machines are strictly forbidden as they may create saturation of the network and jeopardize the quality and functioning of the Service. If a Customer does not respect this principle, he would be liable as a penalty of an extra charge of two (2) cents per minute consumed. IPPI also reserves the right to terminate the Agreement in case of abuse found, without the Customer being able to claim any compensation.


6.1 IPPI’s Liability
IPPI will implement, to the best of its abilities and subject to technical constraints, all the means at its disposal to provide the Customer with reliable Services. IPPI undertakes to make its best efforts to make the Services available on an ongoing basis, subject to possible breakdowns and maintenance operations necessary for the proper functioning of the Services, a case of force majeure or an event outside IPPI control.

In any event, IPPI can not be held liable in the following cases:
– IPPI can not guarantee that files that can be downloaded from the Site or through the Software are free from infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other code that manifest themselves by contaminating or destroying the data. It is up to the Customer to equip himself with an anti-virus and a firewall;
– IPPI can not be held liable for any misuse of the Services by the Customer;
– IPPI can not be responsible for the incompatibility of the Services with the Customer’s equipment or any malfunctions and/or damages arising from this incompatibility;
– IPPI is not responsible for the fraudulent use by third parties of the Customer’s Dashboard, and any resulting damages;
– IPPI is not liable for fraudulent use of the Website or the Services;
– IPPI can not guarantee a constant quality of the phone or computer connection;
– In no event will IPPI be liable for incidental or consequential damages (including loss of revenue, commercial profits, programs, information, and so on) arising from the use of the Services.

In any case, in the event that the responsibility of IPPI would be retained within the framework of the execution of these General Conditions, the Customer will not be able to claim to other indemnities and damages and interest that the refunding of the payment made in the title of the last invoice issued by IPPI and taking into account only the period concerned.

6.2 Customer’s Responsibility
The Customer is solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage, material or immaterial, caused by him or his users in connection with the use of the Services and in particular the resulting damages:
– the use by a third party of his Confidential Codes and the communication of any information he has made accessible, except to demonstrate that such use or communication results directly from a technical fault attributable exclusively to IPPI;
– the use he has made of his Internet connection and his installation;
– the exploitation and/or use of data and information that the Customer has communicated on the Internet.

The Customer is prohibited from decompiling, decrypting, extracting or modifying any information, data, setting or any other component of software or equipment made available to him.

The Customer agrees to indemnify IPPI and its assigns for all losses, expenses, damages and costs, to the extent reasonably possible, which may result from the non-observance by itself of these Terms and Conditions. The provisions of this paragraph are intended to protect IPPI and its managers, officers, employees, agents, shareholders, licensors and suppliers of the Website, Software or Services. Any such person or entity may, in its own name, enforce these provisions directly against the Customer.

The Customer agrees to comply with the laws and regulations in force so as not to infringe public order and morality or the rights of third parties. Thus, the Customer undertakes, without limitation, that no data transmitted during the use of the Services:
– is pornographic or pedophile;
– incites violence, crime, crime, suicide, acts of terrorism, theft, acts of degradation or deterioration;
– advocate war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of terrorism;
– incites discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons on the basis of their origin or ethnicity, nation, race or because of their religion or their manners;
– does not affect in any way the honor or the consideration of a person;
– does not affect the security, privacy, image and privacy of a third party’s privacy.

6.3 Force Majeure
IPPI can not be held liable to the Customer or to any third party for any degradation, suspension, security update or interruption of the Services attributable to force majeure, to the fact of a third party or the Customer, as well as to unavoidable hazards that may arise from the technique and the complexity of its implementation.
In general, the Parties are not responsible for any delay or non-performance resulting from a case of force majeure as defined by law or case law. In case of force majeure, the obligations arising from the Contract are suspended for the duration of its existence.


Hardware Equipment is offered for sale by IPPI.

7.1 Property
If the Hardware Equipment is purchased by the Customer, IPPI exclusively warrants that the Hardware Equipment is free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty is granted for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery of the Hardware Equipment. This is not a guarantee of uninterrupted operation and this warranty is only admissible subject to normal use of the Hardware Equipment in accordance with IPPI recommendations.

7.2 Delivery
The delivery of the Equipment Equipment is carried out by postal service after validation of the order and validation of the contract. Any delivery is made to the address indicated by the Customer when ordering. The Customer is solely responsible for the delivery address provided. Risks related to Hardware Equipment are automatically transferred to the Customer upon delivery.

Delivery times and dates indicated by IPPI are purely indicative. Exceeding them can neither result in the cancellation of the Customer’s order nor give rise to the award of compensation of any kind whatsoever. Nevertheless, IPPI will make its best efforts to meet the indicative deadlines. If IPPI fails to be informed of any nonconformity, delivery error or damage suffered by the Hardware Equipment within seven (7) days of its receipt by the Customer, the Customer shall be deemed to have waived any claim. If a claim is considered justified by IPPI, IPPI may choose either to replace the Hardware Equipment recognized as non-compliant or affected by an apparent defect, or to credit the Customer with all or part of the invoiced amount. In case of accepted return, the shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer.

7.3 Installation
The IPPI Box Hardware Equipment must be connected to an analog voice telephone. This phone can be wired or wireless type.

The installation and configuration of the Hardware Equipment are carried out under the full responsibility of the Customer.

It is specified that IPPI may at any time ask the Customer to carry out any software updates of the Hardware Equipment in order to remain connected to the Services. Otherwise, the Customer will be solely responsible for the interruption and/or the possible degradation of the Services. The Customer authorizes IPPI as part of the remote maintenance to access its Equipment and to make the necessary modifications.

7.4 Use
The Customer agrees to use the Hardware Equipment sold with care. In addition, as the owner of the Hardware Equipment, the Customer will fully assume any damages and/or damages caused by abnormal and/or fraudulent use of the Hardware Equipment. In the same way, the Customer will bear the risk of damage, loss and/or theft of the Hardware Equipment alone. The Customer undertakes to take out all the necessary insurance to cover the Hardware Equipment against all risks including fire, water damage and theft.

7.5 Technical return
Hardware Equipment under warranty is the property of the Customer:
– the Customer informs IPPI of any defect from its discovery;
– IPPI provides the Customer with a return form in .pdf format downloadable in the Customer’s Dashboard describing the procedure to be followed;
– the Customer must return the Hardware Equipment and Return Form at its expense to the address indicated on the Form;
– replacement or replacement parts and products under warranty will become the property of the Customer;
– once returned, the Hardware Equipment will be guaranteed for the remaining warranty period.


IPPI undertakes to respect the laws and regulations in force relating to the protection of the Customer’s privacy. In application of the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 amended by Law No. 2000-719 of August 1, 2000, the personal information declared by the Customer to IPPI may be communicated to the judicial, police or administrative authorities. In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended by the law of 6 August 2004, the Customer has an individual right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of data concerning him. Such information may be commercially exploited, disclosed to third parties or transferred in accordance with the applicable provisions.
The Customer can exercise his right by writing to the following address: “IPPI – Customer Service – 98, rue La Boétie 75008 Paris – France”.


IPPI offers a prepaid offer and postpaid offers.

IPPI offers the Customer a number of unlimited services, options and plans for landlines and mobile lines in many countries.

If the Customer wants several simultaneous outgoing lines, it will be necessary to take as many unlimited packages or outgoing call channels (ex: 5 unlimited packages/call channels = 5 simultaneous outgoing calls).

The downgrade per unlimited package of lower amount is charged 10 Euros.

IPPI offers the Customer virtual numbers in many countries. Depending on the law of the country, it may be necessary for the Customer to reside in the country where the virtual number is issued. In view of the relevant regulations, the Customer is informed that the number can not be definitively attributed to him. Likewise, the number assigned to the Customer can not be transferred in any form whatsoever. IPPI reserves the right to delete or modify the virtual number, in particular for technical or regulatory reasons, without the Customer being entitled to claim any compensation in this respect. The Customer acknowledges that the assignment of a virtual Number said geographic is based on the address he has declared as the place of use of the Services. In case of false declaration, IPPI may terminate the Services subscribed by the Customer. In the event of a move, the Customer agrees to immediately inform IPPI, for the purpose of being assigned a new virtual number corresponding to its new location of use depending on availability. If ippi does not have a geographic virtual number in the Customer’s zone, a non-geographic virtual number will be assigned by default. In order to confirm his identity, IPPI may be required to request an identity document and a recent proof of residence to the Customer.

IPPI prohibits, except under authorization, to use the Services for the reception of mass phone calls (meeting service, conference call, connection, audio broadcast…).

9.1 Free Services without Subscription
IPPI offers the Customer free download of the “IPPI Messenger” Software (PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android ..) to enable him to communicate with other Customers.

Customer acknowledges that this software is distributed without any warranties, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fit for a particular purpose.

The Customer acknowledges that only the downloading of the Software is free, so that it may make and receive calls to and from other IPPI Customer.

– IPPI Free:
IPPI offers a free package to the Customer. Among other things, it allows free calls to other IPPI users, open SIP networks and iNum. To take advantage of this, simply register for the service by filling in the requested information.

9.2 Prepaid Service
IPPI has a prepaid offer to pay only what is consumed. Communications to landline or mobile are then debited from the balance/credit previously deposited on the Customer’s Dashboard.

Several amounts of top up are available according to the frequency of the top up and the seniority: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 , 500 euros TTC.

As a security measure, certain limits are put in place to prevent fraud. Beyond 100 Euros of recharging per month, IPPI may need to ask the customer to make its next payments by bank transfer.

It is up to the Customer to ensure from his Dashboard, that his Account is sufficiently credited so as not to expose himself to an interruption of Service. If no top up has taken place, paid calls will be cut off automatically when the credit reaches zero (0) Euro.

Any Prepaid Communications Credit is valid for a period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of its availability. However, in case of purchase of an additional credit before the end of this period, the latter will be extended for a new period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days for all credits not consumed at the date of this new purchase.

The Prepaid Communications Credit can not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

9.3 Services with Subscription
IPPI offers several unlimited packages to call landline and mobile of many destinations. Payment for this type of service is made by direct debit or credit card.

Unlimited voice calls between 2 individuals to all landline and mobile destinations included (see list of destinations on the offer page). Some destinations may be added to these lists or withdrawn if the technical and rate conditions are no longer met. No refund can be requested by the Customer in case of modification. Each unlimited package have a limit of 50 or 99 callee per month and per package (1 hour maximum per call, excluding special numbers, excluding fax lines, numbers of certain services and to the number of platforms that connect people). Consumption must be done as “fair use”. Unlimited packages are not compatible with call center, call-back and/or callback devices, shops that market phone calls, and other companies whose main business is to broadcast lot of calls (commercial solicitation, telemarketing, customer relationship, making appointments, sending faxes, redirecting calls, etc.). Otherwise, the contract may be suspended without warning, then terminated, and these calls billed at the standard rate out-of-package.

9.4 Features
IPPI offers paid features that the Customer can add at registration, or later from his Dashboard. The cost of each feature is a flat fee per month. The management of these features is done directly by the Customer from his Dashboard.
– Mobility: This feature allows the Customer to call from his mobile phone, and thus take advantage of IPPI rates through a local number access. The cost to the local access number for the duration of the call is billed by the mobile operator. All calls are considered to be off-package, that is, if the Customer is already subscribed to an unlimited IPPI package, calls made from this service are not included, and are billed automatically out at the standard rate.
– Virtual number: The Customer can choose one or more virtual numbers in the countries provided to connect them to his account. IPPI does not guarantee that what is mentioned is up-to-date with respect to the legislation. The information is only given to guide the consumer on the applicable legislation in each country concerned. The information cited has no legal legitimacy and can not substitute for the rules of different telecommunications regulators. Each Customer is responsible for his choices so that he is in agreement with each legislation. IPPI recommends to its Customers to inquire about the regulation and the obligations imposed by each legislator before using the virtual number service.
– Number portability: The Customer may port his numbers to IPPI. To do this, follow the instructions you will find in the dashboard interface. The duration of portability takes on average between 2 and 6 weeks. If the request is rejected by the previous provider before it is ported to IPPI, the costs of portability will be billed in all cases if not included in the package.
– Fax by Mail: The Fax by Mail feature allows thanks to a dedicated number to receive faxes in the email inbox as an attachment (PDF document). No changes to the Customer’s current installation are required. The system is completely automated, there is no human intervention.
– Special numbers: IPPI may allow the attribution of special numbers of type 0800 (Toll free) depending on the country. Depending on the type of numbers, there is either a cost or a cash back for the Customer. If there is a cash back, the amount will be deducted from the monthly invoice or may be used in the form of a credit of communication.
– SMS/Text: IPPI allows to send SMS from his Dashboard (see list of countries compatible with the offer). IPPI can not guarantee a reception of 100% of the SMS on third-party networks. It is possible that SMS does not work to mobile numbers that has been previously ported.

9.5 Call forwarding
IPPI offers the Customer to forward calls to a number of their choice. This forward is not included in the unlimited packages, and will be billed out at the IPPI standard rate, except if this forward number is part of the IPPI network, in the latter case the forward will be free.

9.6 Call duration
IPPI allows the Customer to make call duration with his Services for up to 60 minutes. It is possible to increase this duration to 120 minutes. To modify it, simply make it on the Dashboard. Warning, the increase in the duration of the call beyond the hour will not be included in the unlimited packages and will be billed out of the package at the IPPI standard rates.


10.1 Billing
The current rates of the Services are available on the Website.

All calls over the Internet from an IPPI Customer to another IPPI Customer are free. Calls to other open SIP and iNum networks are also free.

The billing of calls is made from call tickets (CDR), summarizing calls made by the Customer and serving as a basis for billing. These call tickets are kept by IPPI and serve as proof in all complaints from the Customer.

The Customer undertakes to consult each new invoice as soon as possible and to save it on his computer or to print it in order to keep it. All invoices will be available online for the duration of the Contract. Unless the Customer makes claims against IPPI within ninety (90) days of its being put online, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the invoice and waives any request or claim on the basis of any error, omission or difference that has not been reported to IPPI. A later revaluation in the next 90 days with CDR retrieval can be done on calls made by the CUSTOMER to numbers with special billing (radio messaging, premium, rural..) or to new country codes not yet differentiated, and having a different rating.

The counting of the communications sent by all the Customers is bill with a second increment from the first second, without connection fee unless otherwise mentioned or to special numbers.

Communications forwarded or placed with the Mobility option are not included in the Unlimited Packages, and are billed outside of the Unlimited package.

The Customer may consult the consumption status of his package (balance, paid or free calls made, minutes consumed, remaining communication time…) at any time via his Dashboard. This information is updated regularly. They are provided by IPPI for informational purposes only and do not constitute contractual data.

10.2 Payment
The Customer pays IPPI by credit card or by direct debit on the Website. In the event of delay or default of payment and in the absence of regularization of his situation by the Customer within six (6) days following the first unsuccessful withdrawal attempted told by email to the Customer, IPPI reserves the right to immediately suspend Customer’s access to the Services. In addition, in the event of late payment, IPPI may apply a penalty equal to one and one-half (1.5) times the legal interest rate in effect on the date of issuance of the last invoice on unpaid amounts at the due date.

The suspension of the Services for delay or default of payment will remain applicable until the complete regularization by the Customer of its financial situation with regard to IPPI. The Customer may not under any circumstances request an exemption from payment or a refund of amounts already paid by him for the period of suspension.

The Client is obliged to update his bank details and to send them as soon as possible to IPPI. A withdrawal failure due to a modification of these not reported to IPPI will be entirely attributable to the Customer and will be considered as a payment default. A flat fee of 15 euros will be charge to the Customer in case of rejected payment. Payment for this payment default must be made by bank transfer within 5 working days of notification by our customer service, otherwise the Services will be terminated. Moreover, in some cases (bankruptcy, multinational…), it will be possible with IPPI’s authorization and case by case with our services, to pay the Services by Subscription via a bank transfer. A management fee of 20 euros will be charged in addition.

a) Payment by direct debit: The first direct debit is confirming the Subscription by the Customer to IPPI. For the following months, the amount due for the Contractual Month will be deducted at the beginning of the following month.

b) Payment by credit card: The Customer can buy a Communication Credit at any time. IPPI allows the Customer to pay in a secure area by credit card (Blue, VISA, MasterCard or American Express).


IPPI reserves the right to suspend access to all or part of the Services for reasons related to the maintenance or updating of the Services. IPPI undertakes to prevent, as far as possible, the Customer from any service interruptions, suspension and, more generally, from any maintenance or update operation envisaged or necessary for the evolution of the Services. However, if IPPI has not had time to notify the Customer, the latter can not claim the payment of any compensation.


If any of the clauses of the present General Conditions of Use were deemed null or void, this would in no way affect the validity of the other clauses of the contract and their obligatory nature.


To answer the technical questions of the Customer and help them to solve any problems related to the use of the Services, IPPI makes available to the Customer a technical assistance section on the site in the form of frequently asked questions, as well as a contact page specially dedicated to assistance.

In any electronic correspondence sent to IPPI, the Customer agrees to mention his name, his username and his customer number to allow a clear and precise identification for the processing of his request.


IPPI reserves the right to transfer to any company of its choice the rights and obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions.


These General Conditions are governed by French law. Any dispute concerning the formation, the interpretation, the execution of the present ones will first be subject to an amicable settlement between the Parties. However, in case of failure of the negotiations, any dispute will be subject to the assessment of the competent French courts. The Parties declare that any dispute concerning the formation, the interpretation, the execution of these presents is the exclusive competence of the Commercial Court of Paris.