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  • SIP Account & Trunk

    A SIP account allows you to place your calls over the Internet. SIP is an open source telephony protocol. You receive a SIP address to receive calls from other users.

  • Virtual Number

    Get a virtual number in all the countries offered. This allows you to receive local calls even if you are on the other side of the world. The unlimited Elite package includes a virtual number.

  • Voicemail

    Enjoy a free voicemail to not lose any message. You can customize your welcome message, or upload an MP3 file.

  • Free calls to SIP networks

    Call other ippi users and all open SIP networks for free.

  • SMS

    Send SMS at a single price to all your friends and contacts living on 5 continents. Fast, easy, and especially playful with our smartphone simulator.

  • iPhone App

    Download ippi messenger for free on your iPhone, and discover the best way to use ippi.

  • Conference Room

    Create a free private conference room, and easily invite contacts, customers or business partners to join you.

  • Click to Call

    The click to call service allows you to place a call on your website from a single click.

  • Web Call Back

    Increase your ROI by allowing visitors to your website to contact you easily at your expense.

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    • ippi celebrates 99.99% uptime

      ippi celebrates 99.99% uptime over the last 15 years!

      ippi, one of the leaders in SIP telephony, is proud to announce an uptime of 99.99% over the last 15 years. This remarkable achievement testifies to the company’s ongoing commitment to providing reliable, high-quality connectivity to its customers.

      Thanks to this 99.99% uptime, ippi has been able to meet the growing needs of its customers, be they individuals, businesses, NGOs or governments. Users benefited from uninterrupted communication services.

      This 99.99% uptime over the last 15 years is a testament to our commitment to our customers. ippi is determined to deliver a seamless connectivity experience, continuing to invest in our infrastructure and innovate to maintain this operational excellence.

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    • ippi celebrates its 15th anniversary…

      ippi celebrates its 15th anniversary, and continues to provide high quality service to many customers around the world.

      More and more multi-nationals are turning to ippi for their telecom needs. We develop tailor-made services for them.

      We remain at your service and thank you for your confidence.

      The ippi team

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    • The end of iNum

      iNum was a project to create a global dialing code for IP communications. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has assigned part of the non-geographic “country code” +883 to this initiative. Specifically, iNums were phone numbers in the format +883 5100 XXXXXXXX.

      The service started operating in November 2008. Many providers (including ippi) offered iNum numbers. Calls between iNum numbers were free, and if you called an iNum number, the rate was at the cost of a local call. However, some carriers charged for the service. Due to slow adoption, cost and compatibility issues, and lack of interest, the service was retired in June 2020.

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    • ippi is 14 yo!

      And 14!

      It’s as if time has stood still since the start of this pandemic, and we feel like the year has passed in slow motion.

      We are all gradually resuming our work habits, also alternating between teleworking and going to work.

      For many, ippi has become the ideal service for their communications needs, with a flexibility of use that few providers offer.

      Thank you for your trust and don’t forget to wear your mask.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi is by your side during this pandemic


      The latest governments decisions relating to COVID-19 once again placed many countries in lockdown. In this complicated context, we inform you that ippi is continuing its activity in order to provide you with the same quality of service.

      During this difficult period for each of us, you can count on ippi to support you in your telecommunications activities.

      Do not hesitate to let us know about your new remote working needs.

      We thank you for your confidence.

      Best regards,

      The ippi team

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    • ippi celebrates its 13th birthday


      ippi is celebrating its 13th birthday today.

      The years go by quickly and are not alike, especially in this very special period. Remote working has changed the way we work, and ippi is the perfect service to support you in your communication needs.

      Thank you again for your trust.

      Yours truly,

      The ippi team

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    • ippi now offers Toll Free 800 numbers in several countries

      We are now offering toll free 800 numbers in the following countries:

      – Australie
      – Autriche
      – Bahrein
      – Belgique
      – Brésil
      – Canada
      – Corée du Sud
      – Croatie
      – Danemark
      – Espagne
      – Etats-Unis
      – France
      – Grèce
      – Hongrie
      – Ireland
      – Italie
      – Lituanie
      – Luxembourg
      – Mexique
      – Norvège
      – Nouvelle Zélande
      – Philippines
      – Pologne
      – Porto Rico
      – Portugal
      – Roumanie
      – Royaume-Uni

      To order a 800 number on your ippi SIP trunk, go to the “Subscription” page of your dashboard.

      As a reminder, these numbers are free for the caller and pay for the holder. Convenient for your customers to reach you at no cost.

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    • Happy New Year 2020!

      We wish you a happy new year 2020.

      2020 will be a year of transition for ippi. We are going to add cloud and mobility offers.

      Large companies like UNICEF or TF1 continue to choose ippi for their internet telephony.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi celebrates 12 years!

      ippi celebrates 12 years today.

      Thank you for the unconditional support of all our loyal customers, some of whom have been there since 2007…

      Yours truly,

      The ippi team

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    • Yeastar announces ippi as its Certified SIP Trunk Provider

      Xiamen, China / Paris, France, 11 March 2019 – Yeastar a leading provider of cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP Gateways for SMBs, and ippi, a key France-based player in SIP telephony, today jointly announced the full interoperability of Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and Yeastar Cloud PBX services with ippi SIP trunk. Rigorous testing has been performed to certify that ippi’s stable and cost-effective SIP-trunking services work seamlessly with Yeastar award-winning S-Series VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX, offering another trustworthy solution for SMBs seeking to deploy an IP-based communications system.

      Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX, together with the newly launched Linkus Unified Communications App, has been favored by an increasing number of SMBs for its excellence in providing customers with their need-oriented features and the whole user-friendly communications solutions. With ippi now joining the ITSP Partner Program, Yeastar PBX users could add ippi’s high-end SIP trunk in the drop-down menu of ITSP Template with default configurations, enjoying easy and secure SIP-trunking services.

      Commenting on the announcement, Alan Shen, CEO of Yeastar cheerfully said: “ippi has been partnering with Yeastar for a long time and we are so excited to have our old friend finally join our ITSP Partner Program. The past few years have witnessed a close relationship between Yeastar and ippi and in the more years to come, Yeastar wishes to continue our efforts to pursue high-quality products and services with ippi standing by our side. And we sincerely welcome more trunk providers around the world to cooperate with Yeastar. Together, we can make telecommunications ever easy for all.”

      Stephane Haddad, CEO of ippi said: “Yeastar has been a serious partner of ippi for many years and we are happy to join their new ITSP Partner Program. All our customers who want a state-of-the-art, secured, affordable and versatile IPBX, enjoy Yeastar products. ippi will continue to promote Yeastar products for years to come.”

      About Yeastar

      Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways for SMBs and delivers Unified Communications solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over 100,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar customers enjoy flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that have been consistently recognized in the industry for high performance and innovation. For more information about Yeastar, please visit

      About ippi

      ippi is a leading VoIP SIP provider from Europe with over 1 million users in 200 countries. Open a free SIP trunk at and get a fast configuration with Yeastar products. Discover our unlimited package to call up to 150 destinations landlines & mobiles included, including a DID, free calls to SIP users, free iNum number and a lot of great features!

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    • Launch of the “Smart Caller ID” feature

      With the Smart Caller ID feature, you decide which number appears on your correspondent’s phone by dialing a prefix before each call. You have the possibility to define a smart list of 9 different Caller IDs.

      Main advantages:
      No need for a PBX
      No need for technical knowledge
      Set a default Caller ID
      Change number before each call with a simple prefix
      Up to 9 different Caller IDs
      Private calls on the fly

      This feature is charged 5€/month and is offered with the Elite unlimited plan. You can order it now from the “Subscription” page of your dashboard.

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    • ippi is a partner of the movie “Holy Lands” which comes out at theater this January 16th

      Holy Lands is a film directed by Amanda Sthers with James Caan, Tom Hollander, Rosanna Arquette and Patrick Bruel. The film is released in cinemas this Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

      You will be able to discover the logo ippi as well as the interface ippi messenger, with each sequence of the film where there is a video call (even if the skype name is mentioned by mistake by the actress).

      The ippi team

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    • ippi wishes you a great year 2019

      The whole team wishes you a wonderful year 2019.

      Throughout this year, we have continued to bring you unparalleled service, while continuing to work on adding new services and improving our infrastructure.

      Our competitive offers, innovative and without commitment, allow ippi to be chosen by large companies for their telephony needs.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi is 11 years old!

      We are celebrating our 11th birthday today.

      Time passes so fast. We would like to thank all our loyal customers, some of whom have been here since the very beginning. Without you, we would not be here.

      For many more years …

      Yours truly,

      The ippi team

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    • ippi wishes you a Happy New Year 2018!

      We wish you a Happy New Year 2018.

      All teams are actively working to expand and improve our network and launch new value-added services.

      The quality of the service, coupled with competitive, innovative and non-binding offers, means that more and more large companies are choosing ippi for their telephony needs.

      Thank you for your support. Without you, we would not be here.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi is a partner of the movie “Madame” which is released this Wednesday, November 22

      ippi is a partner of the movie “Madame” directed by Amanda Sthers.

      It is a dramatic comedy with Harvey Keitel, Toni Collette and Rossy de Palma, and the film is released in theatres this Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

      You will discover the ippi logo during each sequence where there is a video call made between the actors.

      Good session!

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    • Launch of revolutionary unlimited packages!

      ippi officially celebrates its 10th anniversary this 28th September and launches two new revolutionary unlimited packages to call all landlines and mobiles.

      The unlimited Prime package lets you call 50 landline and mobile destinations at only 9.99 euro per month, and the unlimited Elite plan allows you to call 150 fixed and mobile destinations for 19.99 euro per month (discounted).

      Discover them without waiting!

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    • ippi celebrates its 10th anniversary and launches its new website

      ippi celebrates this June 28, 2017 its 10 years!

      For the occasion, we invite you to discover the v3 of our website.

      This change is not only visual. It is an in-depth change: graphic, technical, and commercial with new and unlimited offers.

      A brand new iOS app for iPhone is also available since today.

      Do not hesitate to send us your comments.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi wishes you an excellent year 2017

      We wish you an excellent year 2017.

      With the year 2017, ippi enters its 10th year. Throughout the past year, our teams and technical partners have worked on the upcoming new website, the new ippi app for iOS, and many technical improvements to launch new offers.

      We thank you for your confidence.

      The ippi team

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    • ippi now ports numbers from 12 countries

      The portability of number is expected by many companies and individual customers, who are in different countries, and wishing to switch their entire telecom to ippi.

      This is now possible with the portability from 12 countries:

      Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Spain, United States (USA), Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom (UK), Slovenia.

      The fixed cost of portability is 50 euros. Then, the montlhy cost of the ported number is 9.99 euros.

      You can submit your portability request of your number now, by contacting us and giving the number and the current operator. We will get back to you with the document to complete.

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