unlimited 5 Tomorrow's telephone today!

Discover the free ippi offer with « unlimited 5 » plan, which includes calls to 5 VoIP destinations, as well as many innovative services.


Unlimited calls to 5 VoIP destinations in the world.

The « Unlimited 5 » plan lets you make unlimited calls, 24h/24 and 7/7, to 5 VoIP destinations. For destinations that are not included in the plan, see our prices on this page.

Call without limit!

This plan includes calls to 5 VoIP destinations to call ippi users, SIP, iNum, Google Talk and Skype, no matter where they are in the world. You get 1 incoming and outgoing channel* and 3 simultaneous SIP connections to connect your phone, your software and your IP application simultaneously and be reachable at all times.

We invite you to periodically review your member ippi to track the details of your consumption, manage your information and parameters, and to be kept informed of our news.

A SIP & iNum number for more freedom...

By opening an account ippi, a SIP and iNum number are automatically assigned.

Use ippi from your regular phone, computer, IP phone or from your standard telephone business

  • from your usual landline phone, thanks to the ippi Box. (the ippi Box works even if the computer is off)
  • from a computer with the ippi Messenger software (softphone) that can be downloadable for free on this page
  • from a mobile application (iPhone, Android, Nokia..)
  • from a SIP phone
  • from an PBX IP

Exclusive services

In addition, you enjoy exclusive services included free voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, conference call, click to call, web call back, SMS call back...

For more information on IP technology, click here. For any further questions, check our FAQ or contact us.

* On condition that you got a virtual number. It is possible to order more simultaneous channels from your member area.

ippi 0,00 €/min
Skype 0,00 €/min
Google Talk 0,00 €/min
SIP 0,00 €/min
iNum 0,00 €/min
  • Free SIP account / SIP Trunk, including 1 incoming channel and 1 outgoing channel
  • Unlimited free calls to 5 VoIP destinations (ippi, SIP, iNum, Google Talk & Skype)
  • 3 simultaneously SIP connections
  • Service usable worldwide
  • Free iNum number
  • Free voicemail
  • Free ippi Messenger software: phone + chat on MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Gtalk, SIP Message & Facebook.
  • Advanced members area
  • Call details in real time
  • Prepaid Communications
  • Ultra competetive rates
  • Calls billed by the second right from the first second with no connection fee