unlimited 120 Tomorrow's telephone today!

Discover the ippi offer with the « unlimited 120 » plan, which includes calls to 120 landlines, mobiles & VoIP destinations, as well as many innovative services. This offer is exclusively for professional.

4999 Excl. Taxes/month (59,79 Incl. Taxes/month)

Unlimited calls to 120 landlines, mobiles & VoIP destinations in the world.

The « Unlimited 120 » plan lets you make unlimited calls*, 24h/24 and 7/7, to 120 landlines, mobiles & VoIP destinations. Destinations included in the plan are shown in the right column. For destinations that are not included in the plan, see our prices on this page.

Call without limit!

This plan includes:

  • calls to 75 landlines, 40 mobiles and 5 VoIP destinations (cf. right column for the list of the destinations included)
  • 1 outgoing channel**
  • 1 incoming channel**
  • 1 virtual number***
  • 3 simultaneous SIP connections to connect your phone, your software and your IP application simultaneously and be reachable at all times.

We invite you to periodically review your member ippi to track the details of your consumption, manage your information and parameters, and to be kept informed of our news.

A virtual number, SIP & iNum for more freedom...

By opening an account ippi, a virtual phone number***, SIP and iNum are automatically assigned. These numbers allow you to be reachable at all times, regardless of your geographical location.

Use ippi from your regular phone, your computer, an IP phone or from your PBX IP

  • from your usual landline phone, thanks to the ippi Box. (the ippi Box works even if the computer is off)
  • from a computer with the ippi Messenger software (softphone) that can be downloadable for free on this page
  • from a mobile application (iPhone, Android, Nokia..)
  • from a SIP phone
  • from an PBX IP

Exclusive services

In addition, you enjoy exclusive services included free voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, conference call, click to call, web call back, SMS call back...

For more information on IP technology, click here. For any further questions, check our FAQ or contact us.

* Calls to 99 different numbers per month, in the limit of 60 minutes per call. Beyond, a second billing increment is applied according to the price list. It is possible to limit the duration of a call to one hour in the page "Configuration" of the member area.

** It is possible to order more simultaneous channels from your member area.

*** Also called « geographic number ». Subscribers to this package are entitled to a virtual number provided in the following list of countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rep. Czech, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA. For other users, it is possible to order a number from your member area. For other users, it is possible to order a number from your member area.

ippi 0,00 €/min
Skype 0,00 €/min
Google Talk 0,00 €/min
SIP 0,00 €/min
iNum 0,00 €/min

Andorra 0,00 €/min
Argentina 0,00 €/min
Australia 0,00 €/min
Austria (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Bahrein (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Barbardos 0,00 €/min
Belgium (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Brazil 0,00 €/min
Brunei (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Cambodia (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Canada (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Canary Island 0,00 €/min
Chile 0,00 €/min
China (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Colombia (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Costa Rica (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Croatia 0,00 €/min
Cyprus (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Czech Republic (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Denmark 0,00 €/min
Estonia 0,00 €/min
Finland (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
France (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
French Antilles (Martinique) 0,00 €/min
French Guyana 0,00 €/min
Georgia (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Germany (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Greece (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Guadeloupe 0,00 €/min
Guam (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Hong kong (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Hungary (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Iceland 0,00 €/min
India (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Ireland 0,00 €/min
Israel 0,00 €/min
Italy (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Japan 0,00 €/min
Laos 0,00 €/min
Latvia 0,00 €/min
Lituania (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Luxembourg 0,00 €/min
Macau (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Malaysia (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Malta 0,00 €/min
Mariannes 0,00 €/min
Mexico 0,00 €/min
Morocco 0,00 €/min
Netherlands (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
New Zealand 0,00 €/min
Norway 0,00 €/min
Pakistan (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Paraguay 0,00 €/min
Peru (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Poland 0,00 €/min
Portugal (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Puerto Rico (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Reunion Island 0,00 €/min
Romania 0,00 €/min
Russia 0,00 €/min
San Marino 0,00 €/min
Singapore (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Slovakia 0,00 €/min
Slovenia 0,00 €/min
South Korea (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Spain (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Sweden 0,00 €/min
Switzerland 0,00 €/min
Taiwan 0,00 €/min
Thailand (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Turkey 0,00 €/min
United Kingdom (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
US Virgin Islands (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
USA (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Venezuela (+mobile) 0,00 €/min
Vietnam (+mobile) 0,00 €/min